Unspoken Words

Speak Less, Care More

My Pleas

Let me bleed to death
If it can wash the wrath
Let me shed endless tears
If it can cover up the pain
Let me have my own way
If it can make me happy.
For a moment in life
I feel left behind.


Chaotic at Ease

Sweet words, thrown away
Heart, receive them anyway;
Wishful thinking,seldom stay
As one’s dreams make its way.

Say I will never, yet I do so
Don’t make me fall for you;
Words, just keep it there
For my heart,out of nowhere.

Days passed, lost my count
Feelings for you, they mount;
Prevent what the possibility is
So chaotic mind is now at ease.

The Show

Curtains open, actors in line
Rehearsals done, perfect time
Take a bow before you start
No wonder, very splendid art.

Cry hard, audience laugh
Smile when already rough
Tears shed, laughter heard
But the show is not over yet.

Take that cover, then put it on
No knowing what’s going on
Mask yourself as they applause
Breath then take a short pause.

Laying down, standing crowd
Watching while you fall down
For this show is full of hype
Yet for me, it’s called my life.

One Way To Nowhere

A clear silhouette, I see
Seemed so far from me
Tried to touch or reach
Yet no plan to take.

Paired by something else
Does it make any sense
What about me, just a shadow
Try to notice me somehow

Confessing through a song
Allow me to let you know
My world seemed so far
Broke my heart apart

Clear water from my eyes
Shedding just to wash away
This pain, ever since then
No beginning, only the end.

Tangled Web

Remember to forget what happened
For it’ll never happen again
Learn not to learn to redo the perfect mistake
Fail how to have a successful failure


Neither scared not afraid

Neither escaping nor hiding

Neither forgetting nor running away

Just need time to recharges

For I feel empty and tired..

My Refuge

What are you looking at??
Why do you keep on staring at me??
Am I a mistake??
Or am I again a disappointment?

Surrounded but Empty

Give me a wide way for me to pass
Never block just like in the past
I badly need to breathe right now
Or I’ll lose my chance somehow

They’re everywhere I go or look
Indeed sharing the same outlook
Have I chance to be part of them
Guess, it’ll be just a dream

Countless of people surround
Gathering and talking around
When I listen,they suddenly stop
As if a bomb I intentionally drop

Pretty things I present in front
Yet otherwise they always hunt
When found, they broadcast
Laugh at me and made me an outcast.

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