All my life I’ve been alone. I wake up, take a bath, go to work, go home, and sleep. Those had been my daily activities. When my friends asked me if I was busy, I often answered,”Yes,I am.”, though I am not. Who’s busy with that kind of lifestyle? People call it boring, while I called it “LIFE”.

The moment he stepped into the doorstep of my life, my life started to change its routine. I wake up, think of him, take a bath while singing a love song, go to work while thinking of things about us, being with him after work, go home with my thoughts full of him, and sleep with him as my last thought. It may sound strange or even creepy but he brightens up my day and inspires me to go to work even on a holiday!!!

Then one day, we became friends. Don’t know how it started. The next thing I knew, he started to trust me with his secrets. He shared things such as love, life and even his dreams. Because of that, I fall for him even more.

It was one unexpected day when he came into my house crying his heart out. He told me he met this girl whom he fell in love with yet, ignored and neglected him. I really know what he felt at that time for I felt the same way or even worse. He cried for he was neglected by her but I was hurt even more not only because he couldn’t love me the same way as he loved her but also he was hurt. I tried to cheer him up yet, he chose to be alone.

Days passed by, we met again. He was not hurt anymore. In fact, he was so happy that he even ignored me. I wasn’t mad nor upset. I understand. I really do.

If you somehow read this one, I just want to let you know how happy I am now that you are on your happiest day of your life. I am happy that you somehow found that girl you wanna spend your life with. We may not be together in this lifetime, but who knows? There’s “us” in some other time, in other life.

It was a romantic fairy tale that never had a “once upon a time”.

He was the guy who left me behind for his happiness.