The world consists of billions of people. It’s not just a piece of cake to find the one for us. Nor, it takes a short time. People can’t distinguish the importance of every person’s presence in their lives. They thought only the people they know are significant; without knowing that even the least known people can have a big impact in their lives.

Our story is neither a typical nor a special one. It didn’t start just like in movies. It began when the word “hello” existed. We were not familiar with each other, hence we often ignored each other’s presence and just exchanged “Hi’s” and “Hello’s” then, the conversation ended. Trying to get close to you, I befriended your kindred just for us to have connection. Yet, my effort seemed to be useless. I even tried many ways to know you more but, you seemed to create barriers preventing me to get near you. I wanted to break that one for me to enter into your heart. However, no matter how much I tried to do so, you were so distant.

Looking at you being happy with your friends is such a wonderful scenery. I could bet my days just to be the reason of every smile you showed. I wanted to be the cause behind those laughter of yours. Without realizing this, I started to dream of you and me being together for the rest of our lives. My dreams with you in it had been one of the best moments I could think of. They were my escape from the painful reality of not having you.

As I continued dreaming of you, I forgot that you were taken from me. Though I knew that you were never mine, I still thought that somehow, you would notice me. I witnessed you facing a lot of hardships in life. One of the most memorable is when you met this girl whom you loved, yet you cried because of her. I wished I had the right to comfort you. The painful thing is she wasn’t able to see your worth, neglected you as if you were just an ordinary person, and hurt you so badly enough for you to be broken. I wanted to tell you that you were more than what she made you feel you were. You are worthy to be loved and to be cherished. You should’ve seen and known that.

As we went on our separate lives, realization came into my senses that I couldn’t just let anyone wound your heart. You deserved to be with someone that could see your value. You should appreciate yourself more than anyone can. Being not a special guy, you managed to creep into my soul and stayed in my brain as if you were some kind of a virus that I didn’t want to remove. You occupied my heart like a disease that slowly killed my ability to think straight. I wished I could comprehend what was happening to me, but I didn’t intend to cure myself. If this meant being with you, I’d be willing to be the victim of this circumstance. I may not be the one whom you can treasure, at least I can be the girl who loves you.