I am lost… I got lost… I am nowhere in this world… I keep on wondering why I’ve been in this situation for a very long time now… I only want one thing that is to be loved… Is it too much to ask?? Or perhaps, it is,indeed.  I keep on wondering whether I am worthy to be loved. I’ve been a good person, a good friend, though I may not be a perfect daughter but I tried and am trying. Why can’t anyone see me??? Is it because I have lived in fairy tale?? Is it because I am a hopeless romantic??? Is it because I expect too much to have a life just like my mom’s had?? Is it wrong??? Am I wrong??? Am I not worthy??? ‘Cause if I were to be asked, I’d absolutely say,”NO,I AM WORTHY.”

I guess, it’s still me who can see my worth.. Well, at least there’s one,right??? But, how long will I think this way??? I’m certain that no one wants to read or even mind this, at least, I express what I feel.

I am at that awkward age where half of my age are married at young age (as what other people in my society think but for others,it’s the ideal age for marriage), others are expecting their babies and others are planning to get married… But, where am I???