It has been a year since the last time we saw each other, or should I say, I saw you? For I am not certain whether you noticed my absence in your world. How have you been all this time? I still remember the first day we met in the place I didn’t expect. I was a newbie and you’re the most famous guy,especially to those girls. One smile from you, they seemed to melt. As for me, you woke up my sleeping heart. I never see you as the guy who has everything in the world, but for me, I see you as the guy trying to hide your story behind those smiles and laughter you showed.

At first, you never called me by name. You always used, ‘Miss”. I even wondered why. Whenever we saw each other in the corridor of the school, you just said, “Hey” or “Good Day”. As for the other co-workers, you shared some time to talk to them. Whenever we were on the same place, even when we were sitting just beside each other, you never looked at my way. WHY???

When I discovered that you were taken by some girl, it was painful but needed to be accepted. I wished you the best but why were you unhappy with her??  That’s what our common friends said. I wanted to comfort you but I knew I didn’t have right to do so ’cause you never told me about it personally.

But when you knew that I was leaving the company last year, you seemed to be upset or I was just assuming. The last month I had with you, you seemed so distant. I tried to reach out but you put a wall between us. What is wrong with you? All I want is few moments with you before I said goodbye to this feeling I have for you.

Now that we’re far from each other not just physically but also, emotionally, I just want to know how you are doing. By the way, I am still checking my Facebook to see if you have new post but, it’s been a while since you last posted.

Wish to see you again, My Mr. Hey~!!!