Dear YOU,

You were the most optimistic person I knew. You always had that warm smile to give to anyone, that warm hugs you give to any stranger you met, that laughter you used to share with everyone. But, that was all before. You still have that warm smile and laughter yet, now they hide mysteries of your true feelings. What happened?

You have gone through a lot of things in life. You lost a loved one, were left behind by someone, have grown apart with some friends and worst of all, you’re confused. You tried your very best just to stay positive even after her lost. I know she had been your strength and even your family. But, after what you discovered rage and pain covered your heart. It was turned into a hard stone that no one could break. I know you have no one to share these things with but then you need to get back to the way you were before.

Trying to help you,

Your Mirror