♫  How I’ve been Without You ♫

Well,I’m here again,thinking of you
I feel joy and pain I never knew
Everything we have seems to end now
So, I need to let go but I don’t know how

Now that you’ve already moved on
I’m still here wishing to be with you
When you hear this song
Hoping that you’ll remember me

Realizing that I’ve learned to love
Crying over simple songs I’ve listened to
Having a hard time forgetting you
Picking up the broken pieces of me
This is how I’ve been without you
I can’t remove you in my mind
Just want to have all my life
But I’ve had enough, it’s enough
So,letting you go will take a lifetime.

But, you think you can hold my heart forever
And I want us to be together?
Well, you’re wrong and dreaming
But deep inside it’s me who’s dreaming
I’ll go on my way…. Go on my way without you…
This is how I’ve been without you….