It’s such a nice day to start anew. The first day of the week and the first day to start working… It was such a very tiring week last week but now,I’m ready to move forward.

Moving on.. Start anew… But, where will I start?? How will I start? Those questions seem to be difficult to answer… I know it may sound a cliche’ to say but,I’ve tried. I did try but nothing happened. How will I remove you in my mind when I know you became a part of my system???

You taught me how to love and what love really is… Guess what? You did a great job in doing so. Now that I’ve learned it very well, you left me without saying goodbye. We went on our separate lives. While you’re with her, I am here with you, not physically but mentally for I can’t stop thinking of you. Before you left,you forget to teach me something… Something important…

Will you please teach me how to forget you? So that, whenever I hear songs we used to sing, tears won’t run down my face.

Will you please come back and teach me not to love you more but to forget you completely???