It’s been a year since the last time I saw you in person yet I never missed any detail about. I already miss you so I don’t want to miss any news about your life. The last time I heard was that you and your girlfriend broke up already and that you drank till you couldn’t stand anymore. I know it was painful again and I know once again you felt that something is wrong with you. But,  honestly,  there’s nothing wrong with you… You’re such a great guy that they sometimes neglect you. I know you needed time to move on but why???!!!!

I know I have no right to question you but why did you jump into a new relationship when I know you haven’t healed yet?? Is it one of the ways to forget the pain??? Will you be okay if you’re with this new girl?? Will you be able to be the guy I knew once before?

I never hope for us to be together… You and me in an equation is such an impossible thing to happen for I know that you’ll never see me as your girl.. I just want to burst this out ’cause it pains me like hell whenever I see you cry and depressed…

Now, I am hurt, would you even care???