“No man is an island.” That’s what we learned from the famous saying. Though it’s an old one, we still believe that it’s true. It’s an overused saying whenever we want to cheer someone up. We somehow believe that being surrounded with people can make you happy. But, the question is, “Are you certain of that?”

I am surrounded with different kinds of people. Most of them are just acquaintances. Some are friends. Others are just strangers. From the moment my eyes see the light from my window, I don’t feel alone because the light itself is with me. On my way to my work, I take a jeepney (which might only be found here in my country,I’m not sure) with different people. Looking at them doing their own business, I don’t feel alone because they’re around me. Never on my typical day, I feel alone. PHYSICALLY. Emotionally, it’s on the contrary.

I know many of them will just leave me. Ever since I was in my elementary years, I’ve been with different types of people. Some were a total opposite of me while others were of the same personality of mine. But, no matter how similar or different we were, it always ends up with one common thing. They left.

It’s not bad if they leave because it only means new things intend to come. So, as for now, I am distancing myself from everyone. I know how it feels to be left alone. To save myself from that inflicting pain, I choose to be alone and not invest so much emotion into whatever permanent things or people. It’s better this way.