I know I exist in this world. I know there are people around me.. I know there are things happening around me.. But, why??? Why do I feel like they don’t exist? I can’t even feel myself.. I can see right through these people’s eyes that they’re happy but why can’t I feel it?

Hearing news that would struck your whole being is like being crushed by a ten-wheeler truck but ending up alive and staying on a bed. You are there but you can’t say something or even do something. You feel nothing but empty.

Robot. Being controlled by someone and has no sense of freedom to do what they like to do. That’s what I am now. I am controlled not by someone but by some force I call “Loneliness”. I laugh with them yet, I can’t feel that happiness inside me. I cry yet I can’t feel that sadness inside. Someone did bad things to me yet I can’t find that anger I have to show. I don’t know what’s happening to me. All I know is that I became a robot of my world.