It’s been a while since the last time I felt that certain feeling.. That feeling of happiness, feeling of excitement to wake up everyday, feeling of endless joy whenever you see that someone… Yet, everything comes down to pain  because of a certain cicumstance.

I already forget what that feeling is.. I even forget how that feeling affects my life.. Whenever I see people around me telling me things related to this thing, I feel envious. They seem so inspired to work, to face the world they are in. Yet, I can’t relate what they’re telling me. Whenever they share stories, I pretended to feel gidy for them but the truth is it doesn’t reach me at all. I am such a non-existence human being.

Just like the song “I wanna know what love is..” Seriously, I only know what parental love, brotherly love and platonic love.. But romantic love??? I don’t believe in it anymore..  not anymore.