He is real.. He is here now.. He seems perfect yet, you know he’s not. I can see imperfections in him yet, I feel happy with him. He’s been part of the pigments of my dreams. He came at the right time and at the right place. It seemed that destiny is with us..

I met him on a very hot summer day while I was on vacation. I was with my friends and so was he. Accidentally, we shared tables with their group because the hotel made a mistake. While we were there, we exchanged some funny stories and so our group became friends with them. We hung out together with them the whole vacation that lasted for 3 days. When my friends and I were on our way home, he asked for everyone’s phone numbers so whenever we want to have vacation, we can invite them. That was the start of everything.

Since then, we became closer than ever. He and I often send messages to each other. For months, we constantly texting until our group met again for our vacation days. On that vacation, he became extra caring and sweet to me which my friends noticed. It was during sunset when he approached me while I was on the seashore. He said he wanted to say something. When he told me that he likes me, there was a very loud noise. The next thing I knew I was in a private singing room with my friends and him. That was then I realized that it was all just a dream. It was never true. Everything that happened were all part of my imagination and that is all because of him.

That was just a dream to begin with. I didn’t expect that I had these hopes of me and him being together. He really is my dream guy because all the happy moments with him were all part of my dream.

Now, I know why it is called dream guy. They only exist because you want them to. And this is my story.