Standard.. Expectation… Those were the things that keep on bugging someone’s life. Standard made by human but even hurt human as well. A great example of a paradox. They exist because humans want something they can’t have hence they only have these things to satisfy their desires. What they don’t know is that having these standard set by people, followed by others have made others feel pain. It’s such a great joke that it’s human who decided to these things but it is also human who are destroyed. Are they only making things to hurt them?

Having a life in a society built by expectation, people have no choice but to live up to it. They’re not allowed to do the opposite because it would make them different and less desirable. However, for some people who wants to make a difference, they are brave enough to do so. It is indeed difficult to stand against these expectation, these standard for others reckon that it is negative. When in fact, it is just matter of making a change.

Having a degree in Education, people expect them to be a teacher in either a public school or in a private one. However, if one won’t follow to this perception, will it make them less of a person?? Will it make them unsuccessful??

“I never want them,the people, expect something from me for I don’t intend to live up to it.. I want to have my own life. And if following the standard means losing myself, then I’d rather have a life different from others”