Can you feel it? That feeling when you notice that you lose something and that feeling which lingers into your soul? Can you see it? That thing that can’t be perceived with our eyes? If yes, then that is the feeling of the absence…

 Surrounded by people and having all the chances of interacting them yet feeling as if something’s missing. Wondering what it really is.. Searching for it though it’s presence is unknown.Wanting something you know you can’t have for you don’t know what it really is.

You are laughing but that emptiness is there. You are crying yet that hole in your heart makes the sadness numb.  You’re walking yet you don’t know where you’re going. You breathing to live but you feel that you’re dead inside. You’re thinking but your brain is hollow. And worse, you exist in the world yet, you wish the opposite.

People say living is a blessing for you have the chance to feel everything. But would you still consider that when you are not feeling that passion anymore??