“Who am I?” That question that has been running in my mind. It was not just a spur of the moment while doing nothing. It is rather a question that had been in my mind yet had remained unknown until that certain song was played here in my room. I even tried answering that question by saying, “ I am Kris”. However, why do I feel so unsatisfied with my answer? Is there a more satisfying answer than my answer?

Hence, I went deeper in my thought. I dig through the pile of thoughts in my brain. Later did I know, I was not digging. Instead, I was just plainly staying in the reality that I was not alone looking for the answer. All of us do so.

Asking myself is easy but answering is indeed not. I look at myself in the mirror. I tried answering that question by describing myself. Yet, we all know that what I am doing is definitely the answer to the question, “ Describe yourself.” It is far beyond the answer I am looking for.

People said that Google has all the answers to almost all of the questions. So, I typed my name in the search box and clicked enter. When the search result loaded, that statement appeared, “Search results not found.”. Then, that feeling of satisfaction came into my heart. It seemed that the statement sufficed everything. I wondered why and how. Nevertheless, I didn’t stop there. I translated my name into different languages. I look for the origin of my name. I did everything but I only got one thing: “NOT FOUND”.

Now, as I am writing this, I am looking at my photo album. Those memories that were long forgotten and long covered by time. Photographs that were taken while I had a smile on my face. Photographs with people whom some of them were not with me anymore. Photographs that show the achievement I got. Then, these statement came into my mind that perhaps, answer the question: “I was a girl now a lady after surviving the trials that life offered me.”

You, have you asked yourself the question? How do you answer the question?