Gasping for air for me to breathe
Lifting a hand for something to hold
I found two hands not holding me
Instead, on my neck, they only stay
Later did I know, they suffocate me

Removing them, if only I could do
Screaming, I even tried doing so
Yet, it seemed so useless though
I waited for some hours or so
Surprisingly, I made it through

Squinting my eyes for me to see
Who the owner of these hands in me
Shouting at the culprit of this suffocation
Asking why I am in this situation
As if she can fathom the sounds I made

Regrets in her eyes are visibly shown
As I ask her why she does this to me
Focusing my eyes in front of me
Tears run down my face in an instant
As I recognized who the owner is
In front of the mirror is no one but me