People. Animals. Things. Those are things that make this world. They are the ones that make this world a living one. They work together just to create a harmonious relationship. They share a place called “Life”.

We think that “people” is what makes the world.. But what we didn’t know is that feelings and inner thoughts are the things that truly constitute the world we live in. Without them, we are nothing. We are in chaos, in misery.

We are told by our teachers that values are important in the society. They dictate the people how to behave properly. We based our behavior on what is morally right or wrong as per society’s standard is concern. What we neglect to think is that there are things that the society dictates someone to do may not be good for others. We are given mind to make our own plans… To decide on our own.. But, do we have to follow the standard?? What or who should be followed?? The norms made by the society or the norms made by personal decision??