Let me tell you a story of a special person in my life.

The source of my courage.. We may not be as close as anyone else in the family but I can say that she’s the best. She never let me down. There were promises that she wasn’t able to keep but it never made her any less of a person. Whenver she got mad, all you had to do was to amke a cup of coffee, ( less sugar, more coffee and creamer). After then, she would be okay. She might be busy in some ways but she would never forget that you exist. When you’re alone, she would accompany you. She would be your bestfriend (at least she tried to). I wish I could do it to her. But I know, it’s impossible now. Absolutely,impossible.

This is my way of telling her the things I never did. Hoping that she would read them and answer me..

Time doesn’t heal all wounds. It make people forget the pain for the time being but it stays for the rest of your life.