Dear Mom,

Hey! How are you?  It’s been two years, six months, 16 days, 22 hours and 50 minutes since the last time I talked to you. I know you won’t be able to receive this letter but I am just hoping that you would somehow. I know.. I know.. I’m crazy to think this way.. But, can you blame me?? You’re absence was so sudden that even death was surprised. You didn’t even give us signs that you would leave us without coming back.

Mom, I just wanna tell you that you know what your eldest son, who happens to be my annoying brother (it’s just a joke) got a good job. Your second son,who happens to be my strict brother (this is not a joke) got a job promotion. I guess they’re doing really well. I hope I am the same but sadly, I am not. I tried,Mom, but I just can’t.

Remember that you made a promise to me last October 15, 2012 that we needed to talk when you got back from work. You even told me to wait for you. Guess what, I’m still doing it. I’m still waiting on the same place as you promised hoping that somehow, you would come back and meet me there.

Mom, I’m still here waiting for your comeback… I’m still hoping that you would somehow read this one.. I don’t know how but I don’t know…

Your Daughter,