Dear Mom,

Mom, I am sorry if I haven’t sent you a message for quite a long time. I was just a little bit busy doing some important stuffs and I have been so sick for a week now. But, need not to worry. I am here. How’s it been?? Are you doing well there? Well, I guess you are. You will always be.

Mom, I just wanna be with you now. I hope that you’ll be back though I know it’s next to impossible. But, it’s free to dream, right? I wanna be away from here because I just miss you so bad. I wanna hug you and kiss you like I used to. Mom, I really miss the taste of the food you used to cook for us. I’ve been to many restaurants just to look for that taste but I just can’t seem to find it. Mom, will you let me feel that you have forgiven me?? I am so sorry. I am sorry for all the mistakes I’ve done. I am so sorry.

Missing you like hell,