Dear Mom,

What am I going to do now? The pain I feel as days pass by without you goes deeper and deeper. I know.. I know.. It has been a long time since you were gone. But, can you blame me? Everything was so sudden. It feels like it was yesterday when we talked about your hair turning gray at early age.  Mom, I know this will be the first time for me to ask you this question but I feel like there is a need for me to ask you,somehow. Why did you have to leave me? Why did you have to let me feel like this? Why?

Mom, I wanted something to blame. I wanted to blame myself for I caused you pain before it all happened. I wanted to blame the people around me for losing my chance being with you. I wanted to blame the time yet, I know it is meaningless.

Mom, I miss you so bad. I want to be with you so bad. Can I be with you?

Wishing you were here….

Waiting for your warm embrace…