Dear Mom,

Hey! How are you doing? I miss you,mom. It’s been quite long while since the last text message I received from you. I know it sound strange but I am still calling and texting you, wishing that you would answer, thought I know it’s next to impossible.

Mom, I am hurt now. Papa doesn’t understand what I feel. I tried to expalin my part but he often misunderstands me. To lessen the argument, I just remain quiet and keep everything to him as a secret. Mom, I don’t want to tell you but I guess he has a new one now. I never want him to have a new one. I don’t want,Mom. He made a promise to you that no one could replace you but Mom, what happened?? That’s the reason why I am hurting now. Every night, I could hear him talking to her about some trivial things. I don’t want to hate him,Mom because that’s what you told me. But,can you blame me??? My brothers and I confronted him but no use. We only end up hurting each other. Shouting here, shouting there.. Mom, when will this stop??

Wishing YOU were here,