Unspoken Words

Speak Less, Care More

Sounds and Memories


Covered ears
Music filled
Sounds everywhere
Memories came along
Never felt this alone
Thoughts gathered.

Deafening noise
Sweet melody
Tears falling
Hands wiping
Never imagined
Pain and joy combined.

Songs played
Lyrics understood
Smiles appear
Flashback came
Never thought
Lyrics, personal words.


The Stage Play

Let the girl take her final bow
As she listens to the applause
Cheers from the silent spectators,
Her dreams fall like the autumn leaves.

Viewers enjoyed her painful stage play
Rehearsal are not needed as they say
Splendid performance, she showcases
Why wouldn’t she? It’s her life story.

After the stage theater was emptied,
Comments filled her empty brain.
Are they happy as the curtain opens?
Different actors and story, not hers

Love and Time

Love, forgotten by time
Time, neglected by love
When will the right time
Love, cherished by time
Time, remembered by love?

House vs. Home

Is a house a home?
Rather be alone
A place called peace
No pain, at least

Is a home a house?
Be here and there
A place to linger
Crowd,not needed

Built from wood
Years made this old
Strengthen by storm
Yet something’s wrong.

Built by blood
Time never touches
Needed no one else
Feel nothing but better.

Unexpected Farewell

Got a piece of paper in hand
With letters saying never mind;
Been prepared all my life
To deliver this message
When right time is needed.

Known you for quite awhile
Having moments worthwhile;
Days are considered seconds
Making the most out of it
So regrets will only be regret.

Here I am waiting for my turn
Have to say something alone
Yet a question come along;
You were here a second ago
Why are you there now?

If Only I Could


If only I could change the past,
I would’ve been a better one.

If only I could turn back time,
I would’ve done it in a heartbeat.

If only I could be the best magician,
I would’ve casted a spell on death itself.

If I could paint our memories together,
I would’ve had an exhibit of us alone.

But I know those “If I could’s” will always be as they are… forever

Looking Back


Far from what it used to be
Distance from being free
Shipping on something else
Traveling like no one else.

Destination, I look forward
Never wish to do it backward
Can never end but only start
As I make this place my mark.

Watching what is called finish line
Dreams seems to be sublime
How I get where I am now
I wish I really know how.


Untraceable Presence

Flashes of light
are easily gone
No traces of it
found on the street

Fog on the road
cut by light
Neither seen
Nor touched

Presence of mine
Is like a memory
Now enjoyed
Later forgotten

Questions asked
Am I that easy
to be forgotten                  
How long will it be
Before I become a memory?

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