Unspoken Words

Speak Less, Care More

My Pleas

Let me bleed to death
If it can wash the wrath
Let me shed endless tears
If it can cover up the pain
Let me have my own way
If it can make me happy.
For a moment in life
I feel left behind.

If Only I Could


If only I could change the past,
I would’ve been a better one.

If only I could turn back time,
I would’ve done it in a heartbeat.

If only I could be the best magician,
I would’ve casted a spell on death itself.

If I could paint our memories together,
I would’ve had an exhibit of us alone.

But I know those “If I could’s” will always be as they are… forever

Looking Back


Far from what it used to be
Distance from being free
Shipping on something else
Traveling like no one else.

Destination, I look forward
Never wish to do it backward
Can never end but only start
As I make this place my mark.

Watching what is called finish line
Dreams seems to be sublime
How I get where I am now
I wish I really know how.


Untraceable Presence

Flashes of light
are easily gone
No traces of it
found on the street

Fog on the road
cut by light
Neither seen
Nor touched

Presence of mine
Is like a memory
Now enjoyed
Later forgotten

Questions asked
Am I that easy
to be forgotten                  
How long will it be
Before I become a memory?

Silent Request

Spare me from your queries
Never ask me where I go
In the middle of nowhere
I’d rather choose to linger
Knowing I totally belong here

Let me have my own way
Need not to say wish I may
I myself choose this place
In solitude with no one else
At least care is not given
For me, it is badly needed.

Is Breathing called Living?


Here I am reading
the next chapter
called “Living”
thinking that
what I am doing
is considered a part.

Pages of this book
are slowly turned
As I saw this word
stopped and pondered
what this really means
This word called “Breathing”

Searching the difference
Took a minute to think
If I breathe, am I living?
If I live, must I breathe?
What I am doing at the moment
Can I consider this living?
or am I just breathing?

Words Beyond Words


Know and fathom the words
behind those questions;
Not all “How are you?”
needs a specific answer
Sometimes, it is a statement
Saying, “I need something from you.”

Go deeper and beyond
as the words come out;
Not all “I’m fine”
ends everything
Sometimes, it is the start
Telling, “I need someone to listen. ”

Never trust the words alone
Actions must come along;
Smile is not the start of happiness
But sometimes the start of pretending.

Heart: Stop Me


Let the picture speaks
It knows what it wants
Words are not needed
For it indeed explains.

Never let heart goes
Never let it shows
For it is an expert
In making  the same doings

It knows how to love and cry
Not to move on or even try
Around it, tied a metal chain
To the thing called the brain

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