Dear Mom,

Mom, how are you? I wish for you to answer me but I know answering me is next to impossiblity.  I badly need you now more than ever. I feel so alone. I feel so empty. I feel so broken. Mom, am I that easy to forget? Am I that easy to be neglected? Am I that unworthy of their time? I hope I know the answer. I have doubts in every thing in this world now. I used to believe that the first person that should value myself is me but now, I am having doubts. I don’t know what or who to believe.

People surround me and yet I only need one presence to feel- that is your presence. When you left, you took my happiness with you. It has been almost 3 years of trying to be okay but it has also been 3 years of failure.

Mom, please take me with you,now.

Please… I beg you…